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the joys of motherhood

Or rather impending motherhood

I'm really bummed. I was supposed to find out who's inside this week, but my ultrasound appt got canceled right before we were supposed to leave. Now I have to wait two weeks. Grrr. I want to go shopping this weekend, I need to know if I need to buy pink stuff!

We went out an bought a car. Biggest check I've ever written. We got a Toyota Sienna at 500 under invoice. I think I rather did a good job. Ike is annoyed 'cause we don't have a car seat in it yet and he wants to go for a drive. (He's been on this "I wanna ride in the car" trip lately. Go figure.)

Yesterday I was sitting down, watching Ike play outside, minding my own business when Lefty lets loose with this huge kick! OW. Shocked me to no end, and then Ike decides its time to kick mom from the outside. I already feel like I'm being ganged up on. Lovely.

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