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I need some advice

from you camera people.

I am in the process of upgrading to a digital camera. And I've been looking at 2 different Fuji models specifically (the F10 and E900) but I'm having a hell of a time finding any camera store around here that actually has a physical camera for me to look at. Anybody have any suggestions? I pulled out the yellow pages and called everyone there and 1 store had the E900 but not the other. Grrr. Anybody have any other fav camera's I should consider?

Either way I'm having a hell of a time deciding which one I want. I want a simple to use point and shoot camera that takes amazing pictures. I also want it to take great video. (I want everything I admit it) and I'm not willing to break the bank to get it.

I've come up with the pros and cons for each:

-Cost, one can be found for under $300
-Internal rechargeable camera
-Huge viewscreen
-Great pics and video
-6.x megapixels
-Cables! There are something like 3. One for the uplink to the computer, one to recharge the battery, and one I'm not sure about.
-Long re-charge time (approx 5 hrs)
-no viewfinder (how wierd is that?)

-9.1 megapixels
-great pics and video
-uses AA batteries (both recharge and alkaline, I have recharagable batteries and a 15 min charger)
-1 cable
-Cost, read over $400
-uses AA batteries. If I'm out and about and it dies and I can't find batteries, I'm sunk.

That's what I come up with. I'm just lookin' for imput.

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