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Summer Vacation Day 2

Friday was the last day of school for the kids.

I get a month break until classes start for me. RSC ran out of rooms in the dorms on campus, but I was able to snag a room at Sac State for the three weeks. It will be something like a 15-20 minute commute (I think), getting to the freeway will be the worst bit (I think), and the drive will be reverse commute (I think). I am really looking forward to it. I think as exhausting it will be, it will be AWESOME!!!

Ike and I calculated that we have 94 days of vacation. It seems like so much time, and yet not enough time at all.

Ike starts therapy tomorrow. Two weeks of intensive, non-invasive in home therapy. I hope this helps him as the $10k we will shell out for the 2 weeks is really going to hurt. But I'm pretty confident it will.

Elli and Gwen leave with my mom for a week tomorrow. They are off to go and visit Joe's parents and sister. I'm really going to miss my girls!

I have ideas of the things I want to accomplish this summer, tasks to clear off my to-do list, skills to work on with Ike (multiplication tables, handwriting, reading) and fun things to do with the kids. And I'm not sure how in the hell I'm going to fit it all in.

I want time to rest and recover, in some ways I feel so, so drained....and I want to become a gym rat. I want to hit the gym 3 days a week.

I want to know what in the hell I'll be teaching in the fall (if anything besides Handwork)...so I can prep for that.

I want to spend time with my husband.

I want to spend time with my extended family and my family of choice. I want to surround myself with those who love me and my family.

I want this to be a good, recharge time. And a time to purge! (and here I just bought more yarn! =))

So many goals, so many ideas, not a plan in sight.




Jun. 4th, 2012 03:09 pm (UTC)
Well, sit down with a planner and plan.

How much time of your day is already spoken for? What hours? Write those down.

Then look at what remains and figure out what goes where. Then put it on your day calendar and do it.

Build in some stretch tho, cos you will always need it. I can explain more if you are interested.

But you can certainly plan to do at least some of these things if not all of em. That is prolly the first thing to do - Make a list of priorities and rank things. Then promise yourself that you WILL get the top five things, and others are... extra.

You can do anything. Just not everything. Nobody can. It's not you!
Jun. 4th, 2012 05:47 pm (UTC)
I guess I could start with the obvious huh? : )

I'm still in the information gathering stage. The last few weeks of school were super busy with everyone (' cept me!) Getting sick all the time. I just got swim lesson forms, swim team forms, Free events calendar, and I still need to find a copy of the City recreation guide (can't stand the online version), for a couple of classes I want the big kids to take.

Summer camp is taken care of and paid for. That's off my list (thanks Joe!) And I'm not sure how much free time i'll have in the next two weeks to accomplish goals at home. I don't know hiw much I can get away with. It'll come together...I just need to sit down with the calendar and fugue it all out!

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