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Purge 2012: Day 2

Got through the girls room. Tossed an entire bag of garbage, 3 trips to the recycling bin, half a box of books, and one big kitchen garbage bag for Goodwill.

It was so bad, I had to clean a spot so I could sort and then clean. I got through the bookcase, every drawer in the dresser (no longer fitting clothes into box for a friend with a younger daughter, winter clothes to top of closet), cleaned the closet, re-organized their clothes and shoes, and went through the toys. I pulled the dresser away from the wall and got out all the crap that was stuck under it. I not only swept, I mopped! (Hardwood floors through the house). I may even go in there and put the rug back down. What a concept!

Makes me want to paint the room. Its still the same color it was when we moved in. Its a pretty green, but fresh walls would look so nice!

I then went back to my bedroom. I started with the pile in front of my side of the bed. Shoes to the closet, children's clothes to their room, garbage in the garbage can. I have 3 piles of clothes on my bed: someone else's room, repair, and put away.

I also managed to get back into my bathroom and do a second pass on the shower walls. Improved. Needs a third pass. There's still an amazing amount of soap scum on the walls. Door is now clean!

I also figured out how to convert .pdf to .epub format for my Nook. I did that so I could make notes on the things I'm reading. Problem is the formatting is just awful. I may just give up and take it back. Most of the books I yanked from the Online Waldorf Library I have in paperback. Some of them I don't have in dead tree copy, and I probably won't want to make notes so the .pdf formatting is just fine (its just so wrong that the .pdf is better than .epub). I'm just not sure I'm sold on this whole ereader thingy. It is nice to be able to take a whole pile of books with me in one little reader thingy. But I like taking notes and bad formatting is driving me nuts. I'm going to try and upload more of the converted files and see how bad it is.

I started a colorful gnome project. After a year of handwork I ended up with a basket of little balls of yarn...too small for the kids to use. So I'm going to knit a gnome for the kindergarten out off all those odd bits.

Babysitter should be here any minute now and I'm heading out to go visit labelleizzy and paint!

I miss my girls. I've talked to them twice today and its quiet here without them.

Yea, yea. Vacation. Relax. Yea right!
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