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Purge 2012: Day 4

The monster that is my closet...

I didn't get through the closet today. I still have the upper shelf to take everything down and go through. But I took all my clothes out and only put back in the ones that fit and that were flattering. Too many clothes went to the goodwill bag...they fit...but they looked terrible on me. I no longer have many clothes. Good news is that my ball gown still fits and still looks wonderful! I bought that thing almost 10 years ago to go to a Black Tie Wedding and I was pregnant with Ike. I got to wear it again while pregnant with Gray. I'm hoping to wear it to Gaskells soon. Maybe the October dance. My parents (its still very cool to say that!) promised me a weekend away (two nights!). I haven't been in years and Joe's never been so we want to attend the dance workshop in the afternoon. A bunch of clothes were put aside to be brought back out after I lose some more weight.

Anyway, closet cleaning. I found 7 lonely shoes in my closet. Gray went spelunking under my bed looking for them. He recovered a single shoe and discovered another clan of the Vorpal Dustbunnies. Again we waged a long battle over the Bunnies and eventually they were vanquished. I still fear their return, I saw several proto-bunnies this afternoon while I was finishing up. So six shoes went to the garbage. Three pairs are singled out for selling if I don't wear them anytime soon. They are good shoes and very expensive ones too.

I went through the craft half of my closet. I pulled several kits out of the shelves and decided I'm never going to make them, so I'm putting them in the sell corner (several of these kits are worth $100-300). The ones not worth selling, I just put in the goodwill bag. I went through the hand-painted needlepoint canvases. Decided most of the not worth the trouble of trying to sell, and got put in the goodwill bag. I broke several kits apart and put the various bits away. I need to decide if I want to keep my beading supplies.

I have a raging allergy attack due to all the dust. Tomorrow, before I start, I will take extra antihistime and Sudafed. I will also clean the air purifier and turn that thing on. I'm just miserable and my nose is all red. I'll take a shower and wash my hair before I go to bed in an effort to get the dust off my body. Hopefully that will help me sleep tonight.

After Ike was done with therapy today (which he is doing quite well) he wanted to go shoe shopping. I asked him why does he need another pair of shoes when he has a pair of summer sandals and flip flops...what else could he possibily need? Closed toe shoes so he can mow the lawn. Good enough! Shoe shopping we went! We also stopped at the candy store. They liked that.

Good day, I'm not loving the incessant sneezing and sniffling though.

I miss the girls a whole lot!

I'm thinking of taking Gray to KidsPark in the morning and rest. I'm expending a lot of energy cleaning and I could use a couple of hours to just sit and stitch or knit. I can do more cleaning in the afternoon while he naps. 
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