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Once my sister and I got to messing around with the calculator and came out with these statistics.
In our career as mothers and homemakers we had collectively: been pregnant for 54 months; been in labor for 52 hours; produced 821 gallons of mothers milk; changed 78,840 diapers; spent 6,000 hours in the laundry room; run 14,965 dishwasher loads; waited at the orthodontist 144 hours; gone to 1,008 school conferences; chaperoned 1 junior high dance; broken up 105,850 arguments (10 a day times 365 days times 29 years with fighting-aged kids); made 14,000 peanut butter sandwiches; baked 47,232 chocolate chip cookies; made 1,044 gallons of Kool-Aid; paid $34,580 in allowances; spent 1,800 hours helping with homework; and spent 7,800 hours at soccer games, football games, basketball games, and lessons.

When you say, "I do," you don't realize how much has to be done.

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