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Purge 2012: Day 7 and 8


I'm on the injured list. I tweaked my ankle a couple of weeks back while on the treadmill. And it wasn't like I fell over and broke something. I just went. "oh, my ankle hurts a bit". And its been getting worse, and worse. Monday, when I woke up, I found my ankle swelled up severely.

Right! Time to see the Doc. Got an appointment at 4:10. Doc stuck her head in the door at 5 and without even looking at my ankle, she said. "Okay, lets get you an ankle brace, and some x-rays. No more treadmill until the pain is gone. I'm calling in a Rx for motrin. I'll call you when I get the x-ray results."  and walked back out. Seriously? Why do I bother? (oh, probably 'cause I can't order x-rays on my own.) But really? Couldn't you even look at it? It hurts a lot now, and doesn't like it when I stand for too long.

So I've been puttering.

Yesterday I got all the yarn re-organized in the yarn closet. Yes, I said yarn closet. I have an entire bedroom closet (small) dedicated to yarn. I found a very dangerous store up in Seattle that is essentially Big Lots for Yarn. So I buy yarn by the bag. I also share this yarn out with my other set of hands in Maine. (I give her yarn and patterns, she knits it up for me) It's very hard to say no, to high end yarns sold at 50-90% off. Its good stuff, I'll knit something out of it someday. I've got four kids...that's a lot of sweaters! (Hence the other set of hands in Maine). (Oh, and currently 5 out of the 6 of us knit. Gray is too young. We go through a LOT of yarn.) I moved all the doll making, wool embroidery, and wet/dry felting supplies to the top part of the closet.  I got all the fabric, sewing, and quilting project put in one large plastic bin. I also found room in there for all the felted sweaters I have.  (At least the ones not currently in a little person's dresser) I pulled out the older three's memory boxes, and started to sort things into them that have been scattered for the last few years. Then I decided to go sit down for awhile. Cleaned off my desk as I could do that sitting down. Later in the afternoon we dropped off 9 bags of stuff at Goodwill.

This morning, I finished the memory boxes (poor Gray! There's almost nothing in his little box! Nobody sent us cards at his arrival, nobody came to his first birthday party, and we didn't have him baptized. And I can't find his birth announcement.). Then I realized I forgot to go through the bottom shelf in my closet, so I went through that. Recycled and tossed a bunch of stuff, donated a bunch more stuff. My aim is to go through the two cabinets that are attached to the changing table and see what's in there. I'm hoping to find room for my portable sewing machine.

I'll continue to putter as I can. I want to hit the office

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