aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Family BBQ/Pool Party-List of Injuries

Joe: bloodied toe from scraping on side of diving board as he tried to dive off it (key word: tried.), chunk missing from a finger
Jen: Probably busted "Piggy who went for Roast beef" (Its so swollen I can't bend it, its as purple as a grape, and hurts like hell) and "Piggy who stayed home" is swollen and stiff, but normal color.
Ike: Headbutted Gwen, bloody nose, gouge out of inner upper lip. No bump. A little pukey and dizzy after a two hour ride home which he spent watching TV damn near laying down. Pupils normal and reactive. On the concussion watch.
Elli: Grazed her head on the corner of the diving board executing a back flip (more like a side flip). No bump. Pupils normal and reactive. On concussion watch.
Gwen: Was Headbutted by Ike. Bump on head where he landed. Pupils normal and reactive. On concussion watch.
Gray. No injury. (lucky guy!)

Lucky for me I have an appointment with the podiatrist tomorrow about my foot/ankle problem. I guess I don't like this foot at all. In Jan 2011 I kicked a door and broke my big toe. Two months of wearing Birks to allow it to heal induced another case of plantar faciitis. Plantar faciitis cleared up in April 2012. May 2012 I tweaked the ankle. July 2012 I've busted a toe (new toe this time.)
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