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So in the end....

So, about Ike: The conclusion is that the dizziness was caused by a second mild concussion to the same area of his head. While at camp (about 10 days prior to Sundays swimming pool incident) Ike got into a scuffle with another boy and got kicked hard in the forehead. That concussion did not get a chance to heal fully by the time he headbutted Gwen, so that area swelled up badly, hence the persistent dizziness.

The side benefit from this injury. In the MRI the Doctors spotted a Chiari Malformation (translation: structural defect of the brain). So we are being referred to the Pediatric Neurosurgeon for consult to see if anything needs to be done about it.

In the mean time, I just have to keep him quiet for the next week or so. No running, bike riding, swimming, climbing, scootering or anything where he might bang his head again, because the next boot to the head might be fatal. No pressure!

Never, ever dull around here.

Oh, and we are home! Yea for home! And my Mom is AWESOME! She came down today to chase children while I sat with Ike in the Hospital and Joe went to work. On top of that, she did 5 loads of laundry, got the girls to clean their room (including the sweeping) and changed the sheets!

Oh number 2. I have an awesome friend. I called her Monday night and asked if I could leave Elli, Gwen and Gray with her for most of the day and she said yes. That woman had 6 kids aged 6 and under at her house. She walked them a half mile to the park and back. And took it in stride when Joe killed the battery on my van and was late picking them up. Then, just to show off her awesomeness, she fed my family dinner. I really lucked out on having this friend. She's totally awesome!!!!
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