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In which Jen spends the entire day driving around the Greater Bay Area

Ike got suspended from school today due to a throwing a ruler at the teacher incident (prompted by provocation of other student, second hit syndrome, and brain injury.) So I got a "day off"

Got a call last night from the poodle resuce. They have room for Peanut! Good timing!

Called the Rescue at 8:00 this morning.
Set appointment in Walnut Creek at 10:30.
Leave house at 9.
Get to Walnut Creek at 10:20. Wait 10 for the rescue lady to show up, spend 15 minutes saying goodbye to Peanut and filling out paperwork. (Let it be recorded he was NOT happy to be put in a cage in the back of some lady's car and have us leave). Comfort Ike in tears.
Drive back to San Jose.
Arrive at UPS depot at 12:10. Lunch rush started as line is out the door. Turn around and drive to Kaiser.
Arrive at Kaiser at 12:33. Lunch has started, all office personnel gone.
Go home. Discover we are out of Mac and Cheese.
Make phone calls as boys entertain themselves briefly.
Load boys back into car. Drive to McDonalds and feed them.
Drive to Saratoga. Drop Ike off at Reading school.
Drive to San Jose. Get girls.
Drive to KidsPark, drop off Elli, Gwen, and Gray at 2:00
Drive back to Kaiser. Get boot. (Cost me $35.00)
Drive back to UPS. Arrive at 3:40. Get box.
Stop at Dairy Belle for Chocolate Milkshate at 4:15.
Arrive at home at 4:45. Determine WSP did NOT send me interview packet like they said they would. (Grrr. Office closed. Weekend wasted.)
Go back to Kidspark and get kids at 5:10
Drive back to Saratoga and get Ike.
Drive home, arrive 6:30.
Determine forgot box. Staying home to eat dinner and go get box after. Children are tired and is mommy.

so much for a restful day!
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