aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Random Acts of Kindness

Today's sermon at church focused on Random Acts of Kindness. One's we've received and ones we've given. The meditation reminded me of a Random Act that someone did for me, for which, I am ever grateful to this day.

Picture this:

Elli and Gwen are 10, maybe 11 months old. Ike is 3. We just spent the better part of the day at the Beach at the Boardwalk. It is now time to go home. One of the girls is in the front seat of the stroller, the back seat of the stroller is precariously and overly packed with the stuff that three small children use at the beach for the afternoon. The other little girl is in the sling. I've got on a backpack and the beach umbrella is slung over the opposite shoulder than the sling. I am dragging a crying Ike with one hand, and pushing the stroller with the other.

All is fine (ha!) until I'm attempting to cross the street. I'm 100 feet from my car. In the middle of the walkway, Ike has had enough of this, and throws himself onto the crosswalk in a temper tantrum. I'm stuck. Can't push the stroller to the other side of the street, can't pick up Ike. What do I do?

This kind woman sweeps in and asks "How can I help? Do you want me to push the stroller or get the little guy?" This kind woman pushed the stroller to the van, helped me get all the children and the stuff in the van. I thanked her profusely and she smiled and said "you're welcome!" And went on her day. I never got her name. But I've always thought of her as Angel ever since.

Have you ever had an awesome Random Act of Kindness save your day? Write about it!

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