aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Some pictures of Halloween

Here's the group right before they left.

Elli and Gwen at their final fitting of their Princess Gowns. They picked out the pattern and asked Grandma to make their costumes. The gowns came out great! We used old square dance slips under them to poof them out.

Gray goes shopping for his costume. When he said Spider Man to the "what do you want to be?" question, I knew this one was not going to be made by us.

Ike on the other hand....wanted to be a Dalek. Oh dear. Okay. We gathered the traditional supplies: cardboard, duct tape, toilet plunger, hot glue, paint roller, spray paint,  paper mache, and curse words.


And we started.


Got the skirt done first.

Then got the body attached.

The sensor bumps.

Then the plunger and the helmet. We had to wait for Joe to get home to dismantle the paint roller and we never did get to the eyestalk. But we think it turned out alright in the end.



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