aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Restaurant Existance Failure

Back in 2000, when Joe and I were childless, we found ourselves without plans for Christmas Eve dinner. We decided to go for a walk and see what, if anything was open. We found that our favorite hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant was open and thus started a tradition that has lasted 12 years. That restaurant changed hands at least 3 times since that night, but we've always had our Christmas Eve dinner from this place.

No longer. =( Earlier in the year we attempted to have dinner there and found out that it went belly up. Which is a damn shame as it was always good food and great prices. We haven't found a replacement yet (the other Indian is closer to the hospital, but more high-end and more expensive), so this year we are having take out from a Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall restaurant that we recently discovered.

Yea for Takeout!!!
Tags: food

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