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2013 is shaping up well. Took Ike to the ER tonight for evaluation after he and two of his classmates attempted to occupy the same space during a game of tag. In other words, Ike got his head bashed again and complained of headache, nausea, and sleepiness. Fun! And to add insult to injury? My co-pay doubled with the New Year. Yipee! And OMG that hurt. (I'm not looking forward to the co-pay for his surgery next month. OMG that's gonna SUCK. If I had known everything was going up...I'd of had his surgery done last year to get it done on the cheap!)

Oh...and he's ordered to stay home tomorrow to rest and we should expect a degradation in his behavior again.


Yesterday was capped off with a simultaneous crying jag by the girls on how they want friends. They are lonely and want to go to school. They like the school part of homeschooling...its the no friends part they don't. I'm feeling defeated, disappointed, and like I made a huge mistake for these girls. And I'm feeling swamped trying to teach and do all my homework. I'm behind.

I think I need more sun and more time outside. The being stuck inside and having no time to sit under my lamp-o-wonder isn't helping my mood.


Need sleep.


Jan. 10th, 2013 10:28 pm (UTC)
They are. They go to homeschool PE twice a week at our YMCA, and Homeschool Gymnastics at a local place. They were taking ballet too, but they went up a level and the timing for that class conflicts with something Ike does. I found a replacement class, but it doesn't start until the end of the month. And we go to church with Sunday school too. So they are in activities.

The problem is that the local programs only seem to be populated by boys at their age, there are no girls their age in our neighborhood, and there are no girls their age in Sunday school and the girls in the gymnastics class live too far away for playdates. They need that casual play time and we just haven't found local girls! I need to bug the local girl scout council more. I'm also looking into 4H as maybe another possibility for finding local girls...but the timing for that is a conflict with Ike's swim team and my husband works late...

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