aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Refining an idea.

It occurs to me, after several people looked at me funny when I mentioned my idea of RVing the US for a year with the kids, that they might have a (slight) point.

It also occurs to me that it doesn't make sense to plan such an expensive trip if I'm going to fall flat on my face after 3 days. So...I'm thinking a practice trip.

It'll cost about $100.00 a day to rent an RV (plus gas, food, entrance fees...etc) . If I rent one for say 2 weeks and take the kids on a trip up the coast to Oregon or even Seattle, it might give us an idea if it's feasible or not.

Something to think about...I would go up the PCH and come back down the 5. I would want to get as far north as Portland (all I'll say is Powells...and leave it at that) If I go that way I can hit Fort Ross and Redwood National Forest on the way up.

I think investing a couple of grand into something like this is a good idea considering a year long trip would be $100k (figuring $70k alone on a RV)
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