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Required Activity Post:Week 1, Mentor Interview

Ms. R took  a year off after graduating from college to work on an organic farm in Maine. Lots of students come to the farm to visit, but then one day a local Waldorf School came and she noticed that there was something different about those children. This intrigued her. She sought out more information, discovered Steiner and the schools, and enrolled in Teacher Training at Rudolf Steiner College. The vocation just drew her in. This class is her second class. She took her first class through 5th and had to leave due to family need. Later she picked up this class in First when she returned. What's her biggest challenge in being a teacher? Working with the children! It can be difficult to figure out how to meet everyone's needs, to make sure everyone is met where they are. How much to challenge them vs when to let go and try again later. Sometimes knowing that the particular child who is your most challenging student is still going to be with you the next year. And the year after...and the one after that!  What's the most rewarding aspect in being a teacher: the children! Watching them grow year after year. Watching them come into themselves, and seeing who they become. What are her plans for the future?  She plans on remaining a class teacher for the forseeable future. Ms. R loves teaching and she's happy doing what she's doing. What are her hopes and dreams? Currently, helping the school stabilize. School enrollment is down from the Tech Boom, there is a high interest in the school in the surrounding community (more so than most places), but the community lacks the economic ability to enroll their children. We followed up with planning on a few activities over the next few weeks. We went over my abilities, places of growth, areas that need support. This is going to be great!! This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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