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Lesson Plan 1: Speech Exercise

Element of Main Lesson:

I will be teaching a Speech Exercise prior to play practice. 

Plans for Teaching:
Introduction of the Activity
I will be introducing several different tongue twisters to the class to warm up their voices, limber their tongues to encourage good pronounciation and enunciation

Steps in the Activity
Have the children stand tall, limber up shoulders, neck,  mouth stretch...recite Tongue Twister, have class recite back @normal speed and voice. Then speeded up, slowed down, big voice, small voice,  (not necessarily long as I have their attention and doesn't get overly silly.) Then...singing the tongue twister.

Maintaining class participation in the activity: (embedded in steps?)
Definitely embedded in the steps. The silliness of the different voices should be enough to keep their attention throughout the activity.
Reflection on doing the activity:
This worked really, really well. The students got a bit silly with the Henry Hall as they tried to hop on their heels, but calmed down and got on task with only 2 reminders. I had a lot of fun, and learned a couple of new tongue twisters myself. 
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