aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Time warp!

On a road trip with the kids...all by myself. Not too bad...Ike's still not feeling the greatest, but overall it's going well.


Took the long way up to Sacramento. Stopped in Suisun for Jelly Belly and a bathroom stop. Then stopped in Davis for lunch and a ride on a double decker bus. I need to remember for next time, if I'm stopping on campus just for lunch...bring $3.00 in quarters for the metered parking. Otherwise it costs $7.00. Got out of the parking garage just in time to see that the G line tripper was starting up for it's run. Conductor let us on for the ride and didn't charge us the fare. Big shocker, fare hasn't gone up since I graduated. Ike, Elli and Gray rode happily on the top. Gwen came down after 3 stop lights saying it was swaying too much. I told her that's the reason I don't ride on top. The bus was 742, the last of the old RT's. They switched out the original engine YEARS ago and uses a more modern cummings engine. Smoother ride, but no character.  It was a fun ride. Kids enjoyed themselves


Then we headed into the MU and the Coffee House for lunch.  Huge shocker. Prices have not gone up since 1990. So lunch for the 4 kids only cost $11.00 (6 slices of pizza).


We wandered around the Quad a bit


And then left to go pick up our playdate at school. While the 5 kids played at the park, I finished Elli's sweater.

She loves it and that works for me.


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