aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

I almost got into a slap fight on Facebook

I don't mind being called a self-interested moron. I am considered one by someone I don't know because I don't believe in mandatory vaccination, water flouridation, nor mandatory milk pasteurization. I won't go into the why's...that's a whole other post! This is about me being called a liar by someone I don't know.

I stepped away from the computer. I thought about how best to slap this other moron down. I tried to channel allanh. How could I kill him with kindness? I don't want to swear up a lose the argument immediately. How to appear rational and justify what I believe, and backhand that sonofabitch with a iron fist in a velvet glove.

And then? I realized I just don't give a damn what this person I don't know thought. Who cares if he thinks I'm a liar? He lives his truth, I live mine...and I hope I never meet him. I do not need yet another mean, close-minded, rude person in my life.

Condescending schmuck.

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