aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Brave Steps

I just took a very scary step for me.

I'm letting the kids ride bikes, scooters, and blades to the local school to go play on the playground. It's two blocks west and one block south.

I know they will be just fine. They will stick together. They will stop at each street to check for cars. They will come home.

But I'm scared that some busybody will call the cops because there are children playing outside without an adult.

I'd worry less if it were just the older three....but allowing Gray to go too....scares me.

And that annoys me. I shouldn't have to be afraid. I hate that our sick society has put that fear into not only me, but in the rest of our neighbors. Our children have so little freedom versus what we grew up with. In the long days of summer, they need to grow, explore, and test their wings without mom or dad. This is a truly important developmental step that is soooo important and soooooooooo few children nowadays in our country get to experience it. It's wrong.

So I take a deep breath, stuff my fear in a box, and allow them room to breathe, explore, and grow

But if they aren't back in 45 minutes, I'm going to go check on them. =)

EDIT: About 5 minutes after I posted this, they came back. Found out that the playground isn't available until 2:30. But they came back flushed with accomplishment! Woot!
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