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Lesson Plan 2: The Story of Tecumseh

Element of Main Lesson:


Plans for Teaching:

Introduction of the Activity

The students have been studying US Geography and History. They are currently in the Midwest states. The story of Tecumseh gives the children a picture of Native American life at that time and some of the troubles that followed the Indian Nations at that time. I will give some background information regarding the time period and the American attitudes toward the Natives. Then launch into his personal history.

Steps in the Activity

Quieting the children down
Introducing the topic
Building the background story
Describe the big three moments of his life

Maintaining class participation in the activity: (embedded in steps?)
The children already know how to behave during story time. I will focus on descriptive language to draw them into the story and making eye contact to maintain interest.

Reflection on doing the activity:
Telling history is a challenge for me. Especially on a subject I knew absolutely nothing about. I am fearful of screwing something up, more so than telling a "story". It seemed to go well, the children were patient as I paused in a few places searching for the right descriptive word. In a way I think it fell flat. I found it very hard to maintain liveliness when moving from one treaty date to the next, and describing how each new treaty was bad for the Native Tribes. I managed to get across my own sympathy in Tecumseh's plight, how he kept trying to unite the Indian Nations, but never managed to do so.

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