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Lesson Plan 3: John Henry Song

Element of Main Lesson:


Plans for Teaching:

Introduction of the Activity

Have the children recall the story they heard yesterday. Have them picture the men working a railroad line. To think how singing could lighten the load of the work and help the workers feel like they were part of a community. That they spoke a common language. How songs could bring hope and comfort.

Steps in the Activity
Have the children stand and stretch.
Set up the song.
Set up expectations of singing. Giving a visual of granny in the back row straining to hear them. Sing to her!
Sing the 4 verses I choose.
Start a call and response 2 lines at a time.
Sing each verse after a call and response to learn it.
If time permits (singing is usually right before snack), sing more than once.

Maintaining class participation in the activity: (embedded in steps?)

With the song broken up into little pieces, there should not be any problem maintaining participation

Reflection on doing the activity:
This went really well.
Things I learned:
Don't just practice the verses whole, practice them broken up for the call and response
Practice the hand indications of the notes.
Practice keeping time consistent.

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