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Lesson Plan 4: Biography of Harriet Tubman

Element of Main Lesson:


Plans for Teaching:

Introduction of the Activity

The students have been studying US Geography and History. Their teacher picked this biography to highlight the plight of the slaves in the south and how one choose something different.

Steps in the Activity
Quieting the children down
Introducing the topic
Building the background story
Describe the big 4 pictures of her life

Maintaining class participation in the activity: (embedded in steps?)
The children already know how to behave during story time. I will focus on descriptive language to draw them into the story and making eye contact to maintain interest.

Reflection on doing the activity:
This story went much better than the last one I told. I had a problem connecting to Tecumseh. I had no problems connecting to Harriet Tubman's story. She lived such a full life and it was easy to pick and choose the snapshots of her life to focus on. Bonus. I told this story on the day of or the day before the 100th anniversary of her life. I was able to keep the children's interest and it was obvious they were involved in the story. I feel a lot better about my story telling ability after this activity.

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