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Lesson Plan 5: Dictation

Element of Main Lesson:
The Do or the Work

Introduction of the activity
We've spent the last few weeks studying the history, culture, and geography of the United States. The Review part of today's Morning lesson was a discussion of what could we remember of those things. After we have discussed these three things, the children will take a dictation. The aim of the dictation is to support the children with their spelling, vocabulary, and an opportunity to sum up the block.

Plans for Teaching:
The Review
Draft for Dictation written and approved by Ms. R ahead of time
Unknown spelling words to be written on the board, prompting the questioning child to spell word on own if possible.

Steps in the Activity
The Review
Hand out draft writing paper
Read entire dictation
Read dictation again, a sentence at a time
Turn in drafts for teacher approval

Maintaining class participation in the activity: (embedded in steps?)
I need to go slow enough to allow the slower workers to keep up, but also go fast enough to keep the faster workers from getting bored and making trouble. I'll have several copies of the Dictation to hand out for the children who need more time.

Reflection on doing the activity:
This actually went really well. I took several days to write my draft and figured out that some words would most likely cause problems for everyone. The actually dictation took me a bit to find the right flow of how fast to speak it. At first I went too fast, nobody could keep up. But by the end, I found a comfortable pace that seemed to keep everyone happy.

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