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Lesson Plan 6: Washington DC

Element of Main Lesson:

Plans for Teaching:

Introduction of the Activity

After giving the children a chance to sum up and review the content of the block, Ms. R and I decided that the children needed a last story for the children needed to be one about the Nations Capitol.

Steps in the Activity
After the dictation, use a song to give them an out-breath. Have the children re-settle into their seats and introduce the story. After the story, time permitting, I'll pull out my scrapbook of my trip to Washington DC in 1989. It's stuffed with pictures and souvenirs

Maintaining class participation in the activity: (embedded in steps?)

The children know how to behave during a story.

Reflection on doing the activity:

This is the second "history" story I've told (as compared to a biography) and in some ways it was just as frustrating as the first. I'm seeing that I'm having a hard time bringing history to life beyond the knowledge of names, dates, and places. Maybe its not quite so important to know a timeline of the events. Maybe it's better to find the lively pictures. I did try, I tried to paint a picture of the conditions of the civil war, the plight of the Bonus Army, and MLK's "I have a dream" speech, and those moments did touch the children...but the physical descriptions and basic history of the city...not so much. This is something I need to work on.

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