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Out of the mouths of babes

Okay, so. My mom is changing Ike's diaper, and as soon as he can he starts to play with his penis. Mom asks him, "What are you doing?" Ike replies, "I'm tickling me, Grandma." I thought that was a cute response.

EDIT: My mom thought I should throw in her response "Well, that's nice Ike. Wash your hands when you are done."

  • Hippo Birdie!

    To Allanh I hope you have a great birthday sweetie! It seems to have started off very well!

  • A Birthday Shout Out

    To the most wonderful man in the world...and to make it even better, he married me. I love you dearest!

  • Happy Birthday!

    A loud birthday shout out to allanh . I hope you have a great day hunny!

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