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Feeling sorry for myself

So lately Ike's playgroup has been canceling or moving without telling us. A lot. At least one planned activity a week for the last 6-8 weeks.  I feel like we aren't wanted anymore. They keep saying they just forget, but that excuse wears thin after the first couple of iterations. I mean, I know Ike is really aggressive and a bit (okay, a lot) of a bully, but dammit! Why can't they just tell me they don't want me anymore? Part of the problem is that of the 6 women in our group, 4 have paired off with each other and do lots of things together outside of playgroup activities. So its no big deal to them if they don't make something, they'll get together with their bud tommorrow (or the next day, or whatever.) Ike's improved a lot, but I just feel alone and lonely in the group. And for a bunch of women who I thought were my good friends, it hurts.

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