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On being the lone voice

So I was ruminating on the times when I have been the lone voice laughing in the room.

Okay, Joe and I were talking about the last Spider Man and it made me think.

The first time was my sophmore year in college. I was watching Simpsons in the lounge, which was full of people. It was the episode where Aunt Selma married Sideshow Bob. He was in prison, and they were writing letters back and forth. Aunt Selma's voice was narrating her latest letter to Prisoner 24601. I started laughing. I was the only one in the room. It was strange to be busting up at a joke that everyone else missed.  (For those who don't get it. Les Mes was extremely popular at the time and Jean Val Jean's Prisoner  number was 24601.)

The second time occured when I went to see Braveheart with nerfduck. About half way through the movie, William Wallace meets with the Princess of Wales and her advisors start speaking to her in Latin in an attempt to shut Wallace out of the conversation.  He shuts them down with some rapid latin of his own. I busted up laughing. Once again, the only person.  I had just finished college and had completed a full academic year studying latin. The subtitles had been cleaned up, the latin spoken was extremely crude.

One of the best was seeing Dogma. When Carlin came out on the screen dressed as a Cardinal. I couldn't handle it. I giggled for a full 5 minutes.

Spider man was the latest.  When Doc Ock's arms came alive, the camera view switched to one of the arms. Both Joe and I screamed "Evil Cam!!!" And started to howl. Then one arm picked up a surgical saw. We almost fell out of our chairs. People were turning around and staring at us. Gotta love those in jokes.

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