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Reaching Friends I don't know yet

The Universe works in strange ways bringing people you need into your life. Sometimes you are the person who is needing...sometimes you are the person who is needed. Sometimes you meet through friends, sometimes online, sometimes the person next to you in line at Starbucks. But always, the Universe works to bring two people who need to meet together. Steiner tells us that this is Karma. We either want to continue to work together, or we are wanting to make amends for things that happened before. What happens afterwards is where Freedom comes in.

I don't exactly believe everything that Steiner said 100%. Some things are just so damned out there I just go. "Okay dude. Whatever. Maybe I'll figure it out next time around (His Cosmology is falling under this category, let me tell you.) But his description of Karma rings true for me. I think it explains why when you meet some people there's an instant click of friendship or that brief flicker of "About damn time...I've been waiting for you!" On the other hand it may also explain why some people, even though they seem perfectly nice, just give you the heebie geebies and you don't want to be spending any time with them (this might explain some people's reactions with their in-laws =)).

I have been blessed several times with that instant snap of close friendship and more recently with that "Where the hell have you been? I've been waiting!"...but never have I found a friend and kindred a letter.

I found an envelope in the mail today addressed to "The Crunchy Mom". The return is from a nearby street in the neighborhood. I thought this was a bit weird. I didn't recognize the I have a stalker? How would some random person know I'm a crunchy mom? I open it up. It's from a woman in the neighborhood. She's moved to the area recently and is looking for new friends. On a walk she spies my van which has a bumper sticker on it that reads something like ('cause I'm too damn lazy to go outside and look it up right now) "Crunchy, hippie, liberal, leftist, homeschooling mom" Which makes her go "I need to meet this  mom!" But she doesn't want to knock on the door 'cause that's weird. So she wrote a letter.

This is pretty cool. I love the way the Universe works. I'll call her later when we aren't quite so toxic. Although, now that I think about it...she may appreciate an invitation to someone's house who is dealing with chicken pox. =) I know I would!
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