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Children's Updates

Okay, interesting things that happened to the kids this week.

Ike: He's actually starting to talk more often! After working with him for more than a month he now voluntarily calls out "Help Mommy! Baby in the way!" instead of just pushing one (or both) of the girls out of his way. And yesterday at the park, when Andrew tried to take something from him he said "No, that's mine!" instead of just hauling off and hitting him.

Elli: She figured out how to walk this week!  Clever Girl! On monday she took two steps towards me from the chair she was standing next to, to the chair I was sitting in. Now she's taking about 6 steps before losing her balance. Man am I in trouble!

Gwen: Distinctly looked at me and said "Mama!" Looks at Joe and clearly says "Dada!" (or at least something that sounds similar, but definitely not Mama) Another Clever Girl!

Harley: Tried to kill himself with some help from me. Seems to have suffered no ill effect. Stupid cat.

Magic: Spending the majority of her time in the coolest spots of the house resting. Definitely the smartest member of the family.

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