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Taken from ross_teneyck. If you want to do one, comment and I'll give you a letter.

My 10 favorite things that begin with R.

1.  Rollercoasters! Good screaming fun.
2.  Rain. Clears all the crap out of the air & I can breathe better.
3.  Rainbows. The Gilly approved answer.
4.  Red work. A style of stitching.
5.  Reference books. Without these, I wouldn't have a job.
6.  Recipe books. Books about food, how much better can it get?
7.  Restaurants. Food without having to do dishes. Excellent!
8.  Root Beer, Raisins, Raspberries, & Reubens. The best R food.
9.  Roses. Pretty to look at, don't smell them.
10.  Restraints. Pretty to look at, got a safeword?

On a side note:
Ahhh...Elli's fever has finally broken. (Why else would I be up this late?) Now maybe she'll go back to sleep.


That would be too easy.

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