aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Okay, so I'm a lemming

There are too many bloody people I know on here. So, I decided to run with the rest of the pack and start one of these silly things up.

Things on my mind:
Why won't my child sleep?
Ike is cute and all, but damn what I would give for a full nights sleep with him around. The only way I can manage it now is to send him to grandma's house. I just sometimes wish he were like "everybody else". You know, put him down at 8 and not hear a peep outta him until 8 the next morning. *sigh* Normally it wouldn't bug me much, but this pregnancy is really dragging me down. I don't remember being this tired with Ike. I just feel so bloody exhausted all the time, its all I can do to manage to get food prepped, dishes washed, and laundry done. The hell with the rest of the house. I just really want some sleep!

Am I ever going to stitch again?
I rarely get to pick up a needle anymore. Arrrgh! Its my relaxation and my passion, and I don't get to do it! Grr, Grr, Grr! It just annoys me to see all the stuff I've bought to do and see how little I actually accomplish.

Sex, what is it?
Okay, so its not that bad, but I hate choosing between sleep and sex. Especially since the one really great side effect of being knocked up is extreme horniness. I didn't had much of a libido after Ike was born, but it came back with a vengence once I got pregnant.Lucky for me. But I'm so bloody tired, I can't take advantage of it.

Latest choice. Type or sleep. I choose sleep.

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