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One 45 minute hissy fit later

And I didn't kill the boy.

Ike had an accident at Kids Klub this morning. They pulled me off the treadmill and I went, got him, got him into the bathroom to change him. I got him into the stall and the screaming began.

First I suggested that he take his shoes off so he can take his pants off. 5 minutes of screaming and kicking trying to get the pants off. Then the pants were off, shoes still on, but the underwear had to come off. More screaming. At one point, picture this, Ike's voluntarily buried his head in his hands in the corner of the stall, underwear around his ankles, shoes on, screaming that he's not taking the undies off and he wants a tootsie roll. On and on and on. I don't know where he gets that energy. Screams about which undies to put on, which shorts to put on, whether or not to wash hands. I wore him out and I won.

I then proceeded to shove his little ass back into Kids Klub and calmed down with a shower (Man did I need one after that). We went to Costco, fed him lunch and I just dropped him off at Kids Park (a by the hour daycare/preschool) . I don't have to get him until 5:30. I think we will both have lovely afternoons.

And now I'm off a nap!

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