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From allanh

1. You're a librarian by training and degree. There must have been something in your library science training that surprised you. Possibly several somethings. What were they?
1. Playboy is catalogued by Library of Congress, and it took a Supreme Court case to force a library to buy in in Braille for a patron.
    2. Chocolate manufactures are allowed 1 rat hair per 100 grams of product.
    3. Its not that hard to be a librarian.

Seriously. I think the whole "You need a masters degree to be a librarian" is just bunk. I think its something leftover from when a lot of careers were trying to "Professionalize". That "We know what we are doing...we studied this subject in depth!" What crap! Only four of the courses that I had in Library School  are things that I use on a regular basis (Reference, Online Searching, Gov't Docs, Catalouging) One other class was minorly useful as it gave you an overview of the "Librarian" mindset. The rest of the classes were either boring (Systems Analysis) or just plain interesting (Web Design, Libraries and the Law). But for the most part, I think that a BA in Library Science is sufficient.

Now having said that, I add this. I didn't focus on any one area of study. I just took classes that looked interesting, fit my schedule, or had a prof I really liked. Depending on what kind of librarian you want to be (and boy is there a list) some of those classes are damn necessary just to give you the breath and depth of the subject.

But I still think a BA is sufficient.

2. I happen to know the answer, but many others here don't: who are your children named after, and why?

When I was pregnant with Ike, we were searching for a good name for a boy. Actually, we were looking for a good nickname for a boy. (I think kids should have a choice on what they are called) We were stuck on Max when we stumbled across Ike. I told Joe that Ike would be a cool name for both a little boy and the grown up man. Hrmmm what's Ike short for? Isaac! OOOooo! Great first name. Joe said something along  the lines of "Cool, we'll name him after Asimov."My response?  "Fine then his middle name will be Robert for Heinlein." So Ike is named for our two favorite SciFi authors.

We came up with the girls name waaaaay before we even got married. Sorta. We were having a discussion on what to name twins (should we ever have any. Hey, we like to be prepared. We even have names ready for B/B/G triplets. Not a lot of people would get that joke.) And I came up with Anne Shirley and Hazel Meade.

Well, while pregnant with Ike, I fell in love with the name Eleanor with a nickname of Elli. Elli Quinn just happens to be Miles Vorkosigan's XO (read Lois McMaster Bujold). She kicks some serious butt. Beautiful, smart, & deadly. A perfect role model for a young girl. So I swapped out Elli for Anne. So someday, if I ever had twin girls, I'd name them Elli and Hazel.

Then that rat bastard Julia Roberts named her daughter Hazel. I refuse to intentionally give a child a popular name (think about my first name for a minute. How man Jennifer's were in your class?) So, the first time I met Hazel Meade (The Cat Who Walks through Walls by R.A. Heinlein) was when she was under cover as Gwendolyn. After that assignment her family refered to her as Gwen Hazel. Again, a good role model for a young girl. Smart, deadly, founding mother of the Lunar State, over-educated and just all around cool.

3. What is the riskiest activity you've ever undertaken?
Having sex on a hill off of 280, at night, where we were clearly visible. Um. Getting my left ear pierced a second time. Uh. My tattoo. Oh wait. Here we go. Having unprotected sex without testing first.

What can I say? I'm a boring person. Never done drugs (lack of opportunity), never dyed my hair a funky color (too frightened I'd look really silly), never bungee jumped (I'm afraid it'd break), never freely left an airplane mid-air (why leave a perfectly functioning plane?). I'd like to be a more interesting/risky person, but I'm just too bloody scared to be.

4. Again, I know the answer, but others here don't: Why do you and Joe want a large family?
Well somebody gotta have kids dammit. Liberals sure as hell aren't! Those who are polititcally liberal are more likely to either be childess or have only children  (This is anecdotal, but take a look at my friends. They tend to support this.) . There's a lot of great DNA going to waste among my friends and I'm trying to make up for it! The neo-cons just have to out breed us! =)

That and I'm catholic, its something in the breeding. My parents came from large families. And yea, they fight alot with sibs, but its something I'm sad I don't have. I don't have anyone to reminisce "Hey, Remember when Dad did...wasn't that funny?" When my parents are gone. No one will be around who will remember the same things I do about my family. In a way, its a gift I'm giving my kids. Each other.

5. What are some of your favorite books, and why?
OH Lady, he asks the impossible.

I'll give a few:
Stranger in a Strange Land by R.A.H. The novel of all time. This book was my introduction to SciFi, I had never read any before. I stumbled across it and boy did it open worlds for me!

Little House on the Prarie Series by L.I.W. First real books I read as a child. I just made a connection with a little girl who tried her best to be good and failed. That and she was smart!

Ramona the Pest by B.B.. See above. She's just too cute!

Princess Bride by S.M. and W.G. "Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles... " What more can you ask for in a book?

Dune by F.H. Just. Wow.

Honor Harrington by D.W. 'cause she just kicks some serious ass. High adventure, great characters and a world I wanna live in.

The Journal Entries by E.S. A mish-mosh of some of the best SciFi and Fantasy ideas rolled into a world I really want to live in.

Miles Vorkosigan by L.M.B. Watching Miles pull something out of his ass to save his neck is just entertaining.

Hawk and Fisher by S.G. Fantasy Law and Order. And the cops just kick ass.

The Handmaid's Tale by M.A. Just scary.  A picture of what the neo-cons might do to us if they get a chance.

The Sixth Column by R.A.H Don't fuck with the Americans.

Oz by L.F.B. Nothing need be said.

Mists of Avalon by M.Z.B. A female point of view? A strong female charater? Wow! Cool! Got me started on the whole Arthurian Legend Stuff.

Fannie Farmer Cookbook. A basic cooking reference book. Better than Joy IMNSHO

Pre '56 imprints. C'mon! They're just fuckin' cool!!!

There are lots more, but its late and I'm tired.

Oh my goodness! How could I forget?

Snow Crash by N.S. Not only one of the first presents Joe gave me, it has the best opening chapter of all time. That and the best sentence written in a novel.

Get a Life by W.S. Any book that contains Shatner getting shat on by an elephant is a great book! I have this on audio (read by the author no less!) That I'm willing to lend out.

And the one I just finished that I highly reccommend for an entertaining read....1632 by Eric Flint. Its another "Don't fuck with the Americans" renaissance europe

Alright here's the rules...if you want comment with a "Interview Me!" and I'll send you 5 questions.

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