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Its a girl!

And another girl! Oh boy, are we in for it or what?

So needless to say I got my sonogram this morning. Joe and I got to see little hearts, little hands, little feet, little butts, and little girly bits. So since I at least plan on calling my unborn by name, no reason not to share. Later this summer we will welcome into the world: Eleanor Quinn and Gwendolyn Hazel. We'll call 'em Elli and Gwen. For the curious Eleanor Quinn means (in reverse order) wise light. and Gwendolyn Hazel means commander with the white brow.

The grandparents are equally estatic and gleeful. (My mom's first comment after "How wonderful" was "you're in trouble". Thanks for the vote of confidence Ma!) I think my grandmother is a bit jealous (this woman tried 3 times after the birth of my father for a daughter. She didn't succeed.).

All I know is, I get to go out and buy pink stuff! Okay, but not too much.

Poor Ike, he's outnumbered!

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