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Stitching and remodeling

Well I recently finished another piece and as soon as I take a pic of it, I'll post it. It was a pumkin sampler that I stitched last summer while pregnant with the girls. Its been languishing in my "To Be Finished" pile for over a year. It took a pinking sheers purchase, but I finally finished it and its ready to hang on the wall. I am so proud of me!

I've also been working through my UFO pile. I worked on Iris last week and am working on Espirit du Ceil (I think that's right)  this week. I think I've finally picked which yellow I'm going to use. Which is nice. I'll post a work in progress pic too.

Its finished! I have a new beautiful kitchen!!!! Woo Hoo! Only two suprises in the whole ordeal (more extensive water damage to the areas surrounding the sink and needing to move the electrical plug for the Microhood) and those were minor. Everything has gone extremely smoothly and I highly reccommend KitchenWorks to anyone who is thinking about getting their kitchen done. The painter (allanh's Denise) will be by tonight to talk paint and colors. I'll post a pic after she's done, but its sooooooo pretty!

Now however, my fridge stands out like a sore thumb. Its cream colored in a white appliance kitchen. I wonder if there's a way to paint it. Anybody know?

The backyard remodel starts on monday. Wheee! I've got a contract for someone to do the gutters, the exterior and I've got a name and number for someone to replace the patio roof. Its been a busy summer/fall.

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