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Busy Saturday!

Mom came down last night so we could take the girls and go shopping today.

First, we went to the San Mateo County Fairgrounds for the Sew, Quilt, and Embroidery Festival. There I bought a couple of books from Threadneedle Street on Stumpwork. Including one from my favorite stitching reference book publisher. I just love these books, great explainations, and great pictures. I highly reccommend any of their books. They are just wonderful. And then I bought a kit from one of my favorite stitching designers. Kind of a slow show. Not much to be seen, not much to be Igor'ed. Which is annoying for the $7.00 in parking and the $6.00 to get in the door. If my mother hadn't insisted on going, I would have skipped it. When they first started (10 years ago or so), the show took up 2 buildings. Now it took about half of one. Just not worth the time and effort of going up there.

But there was one benefit.

I got to stop at Ikea on the way home! Whee!

We got there and immediately fed the girls some lunch. Good food, no chocolate mousse today dammit. I picked up a few of the things I missed last week and got a few others that I just had to have. Now we have doors for our Billy bookcase in our room, the kids won't be able to get at the Porn anymore. Their favorite game is to dump books on the floor. I'm tired of picking up after them, so doors it is!

Got home, got little girls into bed for a nap. Ike was already asleep. I futzed around in the kitchen trying to get more stuff put away, (its starting to come together, even though I still have 6 boxes of stuff outside to unpack). Then Joe and I decided to unpack the shed because the landscaper is supposed to start on Monday and the shed is scheduled to be torn down. We now have a large pile of garbage next to our garage. I can't wait for the dumpster, let me tell you.

After getting that done, Joe decided to go to our storage locker and unpack some more of it. He took the seats out of the van and off he went. Five minutes later, he calls. "Do you have the key?" He comes back home, gets the key, and leaves again. I cook dinner for everyone (Hamburgers and leftover Willy Beans) I eat dinner with Mom and the kids while Joe is "lifting heavy things" into the van. He eats, then, we unpack the van. Next,  we get the little people settled a bit (except for Elli. She's got seperation anxiety really bad. Just screaches when I leave the room. Oy!) and we leave for a little bit of couple time. We have a great ice cream parlor just down the street. So we went there and split a hot fudge sundae.  Back home, settle screachy kids, help mom pack her car, and  wave her off. Put two little girls to bed and time to rest and slow down a bit.

Whew! Busy day.

I hate saturdays! They are just too busy around here!
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