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I didn't kill him

although I was mightily tempted. I even saw a red haze.

The scene:

I just finished putting Elli down for bed when I hear a "Mommy!" from the living room. I go in and look. Ike is looking very suprised, shocked, and scared all at once. At his feet? A large pile of poop. Red haze forms over my eyes and I manage to squeek out "Ike you are supposed to poop in the potty!!!" I told him to go to the bathroom, be careful, don't step in it (of course he did), then don't move. A quick run down the hallway to the girls room and a grab of a large stack of cloth diapers (even though I used them infrequently on the girls, they have come really in handy, just to have around.) Blah, blah, blah. You can finish the clean-up scene yourself.

Currently, he's sitting in the bathtub having a bath. And I'm staying away from him! I asked him what happened. I got something that resembeled "I farted and then I pooped." I get the impression that it was an accident, not just, not wanting to leave the TV. Especially since he seems to be having an attack of diarrhea. Poor kid.

I'd say he's 95% potty trained. He still has accidents on occasion while at the park. This is tottaly common. To be expected. Especially since he's a boy. I'm told that girls are easier to train, and that I should be able to train them next fall. (Girls tend to train earlier. I expect Gwen and Elli will fall into this catagory as neither one of them really appreciate wearing a dirty diaper, they throw fits until you change them.)

Some may now ask...where was Joe? He had a good excuse (beyond Ike not calling for him) he was putting Gwen down.

I know this is part of the "Being a Mommy" contract. But man, some of these sub-clauses just suck!
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