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Today's WTF?

I went to Costco and searched the aisles for Claritin-D. None there. Not even a slot. I then see the sign "Due to Federal Regulations, the following drugs are now in the pharmacy" Fuck. Needless to say, Claritin-D was on the list.

I go to the pharmacy and ask for my drugs. There's a form to fill out. Not only do they ask for my drivers license but they want me to sign the bloody thing as well, agreeing that I'm not going to use it to make illegal drugs. And then to top it off, I had to pay for it right then and there. What the fuck is up with that?

If they are going to make such a big hassle out of getting a decongestant, they should make the damn thing under a prescription again. At least at that point, I could get a frickin' 90 day supply without being hassled and for my $10.00 co-pay. Sheesh!
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