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10-25-50 Stitching Challenge!

I think I am going to do this. See details on the rules here.

Essential idea, I will not buy any more charts/books* until I have completed the following 10** projects in my stash***.

1. Strawberry Sampler by Aion Designs WIP
2. Rose Sampler by Aion Designs
3. Carnation Sampler by Aion Designs
4. Simple Elegance Needle Book by Just a Thought WIP
5. Mermaid Needlepoint Canvas by M. Murphy
6. Easter Bunny Ornament Canvas
7. Sewing Bee Pin Cushion by Bird Brain Designs
8. Bouquet Table Runner by Bird Brain
9. Chickens by Nadel Faden
10. Squirrel Gathering Table Topper by Dutch Treat Designs

Wow. Only 2 are works in progress. I've finished too much stuff recently! =)

Now that I look at this list, I realized I focused on projects where I already have everything. Chart, fabric, fibers. I think I'll come up with another list of 10 where I just have charts. Kinda as a priority list. Then I get to think about spending money on collecting the stuff to actually do it.

Hrmm. This also gives me an opprortunity to weed my stash of charts I'm never going to do again. Hrm. Not a bad idea.

*The one exception being "The Proper Stitch." if I get money for X-mas and someone doesn't get it for me (That's a hint Joe!) I'm buying the damn thing. Its been out of print for years, and was going for $300.00 on ebay. Due to demand, they are printing another set off. BUT its a limited press release. So I want my copy!

**Okay, so I'm a wimp! It takes me long enough to finish something due to having the kids. I'm thinking that 10 will take me a year or more. Especially since none of them are small projects.
***I also reserve the right to exchange any of the 10 listed projects with Espirit du Ceil, should I ever get it done. Ya right, but still. Gotta get those caveats in!
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