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Well Now I'm Bummed

Okay, so I've been working with a nurtitionist since the end of September. I went in with the plan to fix my depression, mood swings, inability to sleep, sugar cravings, and extreme fatigue. (I read a book called Mood Cure. And I went "I need that! The clinic is in Mill Valley? I'm so there!")

So for the last couple of months, I've not only been taking a slough of vitamins and supplements (over 20 I counted), but we've been changing my diet, and I do feel a whole lot better. I'm still more tired than I want to be, but we are still playing with my thyroid supplements, and to be frankly honest, I've got a huge sleep debt.

But the whole diet change thing is really bumming me out. I want to feel better, not radically change my diet at this point. I went to Recovery Systems with the desire to be free of the sugar cravings, to be able to eat one or two cookies and be happy, and not feel this physical compulsion to finish the entire batch. You know, be like a normal person. I wanted to feel more energy, and shake the whole depression/anxiety thing. Which I have to admit, is pretty much there, especially since she added tryptophan to my supplement schedule two weeks ago. (OH MY GOD, that stuff ROCKS!) I'm still eating when stressed, but not so much.

Okay, so why am I bummed. Oh yea, radical diet changes. So in the midst of all this supplementation, we discovered that I have headaches. A lot of headaches. I didn't realize how many untill I started keeping track. I wake up with headaches, I have several throughout the day, I go to sleep with them. These can be caused by many things. Eating food I'm allergic to, being exposed to things I'm allergic to, bad alignments in my neck and spine (That's being taken care of by Dr. Kelli, my chiropractor.) etc, etc. So we've been exploring my food allergies. We've known for years that I'm allergic to eggs. They give me migraines if I eat a plate of scrabled eggs. Various nut alleriges, more annoying than serious, vinegar (but only while pregnant, my food allergies go nuts when I'm pregnant.) So I went on a two week gluten fast. No biggie. Then I added it back. Look! Headaches! Bleh.

So my nutritionist ordered a large amount of blood tests for allergies. Yesterday I got the results. I tested positive for:
Kidney Beans 1         Cocoa-Chocolate 1                  Olive 1                      Tomato 1
Buckwheat 2               Grape 1                                      Quinoa 2                  Yeast, Bakers 1
Cheese 1                    milk, cows 3                              Sesame 1                Yeast, Brewers
Chili Pepper 1            Milk, goat 1                                Sugar cane 1

The higher the number, the more allergic I am. I also tested positive for allergies to casein, the protein in cheese (but whey protein is okay)
Postive for IgA (gluten intolerance or celiac disease), and (get this) negative for egg protein.


I haven't discussed this with her yet, I've been kinda avoiding her. I'm just at a point where I need to step back, process, and accept. I'm just not at a point where completely removing almost everything worth eating from my diet. No bread, cheese, chocolate or beer? Okay, and no wine either. What the hell? I'm not sure if I can avoid all that. I know that I don't want to end up like my Aunt Caroline who has full blown celiac disease. It just sucks! The woman has to have her own stick of butter lest a crumb from her husbands toast gets into her body. That's no way to live!

Bleh. I'm doing my research, looking at my options, and just dwelling in the moment.

No chocolate? Oy.
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