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Mouth go Splody!

I've made a friend at the Y. She's a lovely, older Indian lady who is visiting her family for a few months. Her daughter goes to work out and so she sits in the lobby and we started talking. On thursday she mentioned that they were going shopping after the Y at 99 Ranch for Pomfrit and shrimp. She then stated that she was going to be making curry out of them so that she wouldn't have to cook for a couple of days. 

I said "Ooo that sounds good!" she asked if I like Indian food, and of course I said I love it! (Which I do!) She then stated that she would have to bring me some.  Cool! Then she says she'll not put in so many chiles. I assured her that she could give me the straight dope, and that I love hot & spicy food.

Yesterday we all managed to get to the gym at the same time. She says "Oh good! I have something for you." And she pulls out this gladware container full of shrimp curry. I put it into the car and I just got a chance to eat it.

OH MY GOD. It was wonderful. Flavorful, redolent of spices, a lovely hint of cilantro, a gentle overtone of a shrimp flavor...and then the heat starts to kick in. It started in the back of my mouth and came forward, and got hotter the longer I left my mouth empty. The heat was wonderful, but never overcame the taste of the sauce.  Needless to say, my nose started to run.  I haven't had indian food like that since college when a dormmate brought food from home.

I am so going to beg her to show me how to make it! I need to know!

Now I also have to figure out what to put in the container to send back. I'm not sure what to send. I'm thinking either chili or my chicken and dumplings. I'm sure allanh will have a suggestion for me.
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