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Nanny Chronicles

So, after finally feeling better on all my supplements, I've finally gotten enough energy to make some changes in my life to reduce my stress.

Namely, hire a part-time nanny. I hate the concept of it. But I am recognizing the fact that I need help taking care of these kids. So I did the research. Most nanny corps cost waaaay too much. So I found a website that connects college kids with families that need baby sitters ( I posted a job, saying that I needed someone long term, 2-3 days a week, minimum of 6 hours a week, at a price I can (mostly) afford. Well, I hired someone.

M is a freshman at SJSU and has the energy to chase these kids. Yea! She started this week. And boy am I really enjoying it. So I admit, I'm not resting or sleeping while she's here. I'm cleaning the house. Why? I have a really hard time relaxing in a filthy house (and trust me, this house is really disgusting. And not just cluttered. Dirty. Bleh.) I got my bathroom and bedroom cleaned, I got 8 loads of laundry done, I got my kitchen cleaned, floors swept (which she did while the girls slept and Ike had a pout in his room) and I cooked dinner without hassle. I am really going to enjoy this.

I'm hoping next week that the weather is nicer so she can take everyone to the park. But we will see. I don't think it will take me too long to whip the house into shape, then I can start napping. Woo hoo!

My tasks for next week? Clean up the spare room, and the office. And more laundry, of course. We are having Christmas dinner over here and I want the house to look nice.
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