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10-25-50 Stitching Challenge!-Updatte

Okay so I've expanded the list to 25 items.

Here it is

The Original 10, some progress made
1. Strawberry Sampler by Aion Designs WIP
2. Rose Sampler by Aion Designs
3. Carnation Sampler by Aion Designs
4. Simple Elegance Needle Book by Just a Thought UFO WIP
5. Mermaid Needlepoint Canvas by M. Murphy
6. Easter Bunny Ornament Canvas
7. Sewing Bee Pin Cushion by Bird Brain Designs
8. Bouquet Table Runner by Bird Brain
9. Chickens by Nadel Faden WIP
10. Squirrel Gathering Table Topper by Dutch Treat Designs WIP

Okay, now for the new list
11. Pin Keep for Silba WIP
12. Blah by Monsterbubbles
13. Love by Monsterbubbles
14. Cat Redwork by Bird Brain Designs
15. Autumn by Indigo Rose
16 Dragonal Seasons by Dette Designs
17. Red Velvet Inscription Sampler by Blue Ribbon Designs
18. New Beginning by Ashley Lane
19. Acorn Harvest Thread Keeper by Historic Stitches
20. Une fee dans mon jardin by Virginie Menzilidjian
21. Fleur des Anges by NKS Designs
22. Esprior du Ceil by NKS Designs WIP
23. Swirley Sampler by Bent Creek
24. Garden Plot Thickens by Amy Mitten
25. Star Maiden UFO

I think the pin keep will be the first one finished as its a Christmas Gift, even though I just started it today.  I'm about ready to start Fleur des Anges as I've got the fibers, now I just need to go through my stash and pull some fabric. Esproir du Ceil is on hold, as I'm waiting for new fibers to show up. I didn't like some of the original colors I picked. Good thing is, I still like them and I'm using one in Fleur des Anges.

UFO: Unfinished Object, or something that's been sitting around partly finished for a hell of a long time.
WIP: Work in Progress, or something that I've actually put a few stitches in recently.
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