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How cute it that?

Yesterday I was sharing my Jamba Juice with the kids. Elli and Gwen were standing right in front of me and doing the baby bird bit. Then Gwen started to get impatient, and started to push Elli out of the way. I told her "If you keep pushing Elli, I won't share any more Jamba Juice with you."

That satisified her for about 30 seconds. She starts pushing Elli again. I stop, repeat what I said before and add "And besides its not acceptable behavior to push your sister, you need to say sorry to her" She stops pushing, looks at me, seems thoughtful, and then turns and kisses Elli. That's so cute!

(Giving hugs and kisses after apologizing is the SOP around here, and that was the first time I told either of them to say sorry for their behavior. Man, they are paying attention to what I say and do aren't they?)
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