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Last day of Gluten

Well, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease right before Thanksgiving. The only cure is a gluten-free diet. Whee.

I decided that I couldn't handle trying to go gluten free for the rest of my life during the holidays, and that I would do so right after on Jan 1 (like all traditional diets) So,  for the last month, I've been "saying goodbye" to my favorite Gluten containing foods, that I'm pretty damn sure I'll never be able to consume again.

(Although, I'm asymptomatic, meaning I don't have the built in aversion therapy that most celiacs have.  And the headaches I used to get before I started taking tryptophan, have disappeared. I've been eating gluten all month and I haven't had one at all.)

So, today is my last day. What's on the menu?
Oreo's ('cause I'm too damn lazy to make the GF kind)
Pastrami Reuben from Max's cafe (can't fake rye bread)
Olive loaf from Acme Bakery
Brie (okay, no gluten there, but I'm also starting a 90 day allergen fast, and on that list is cheese)
Chocolate (see above)
Chips and Salsa (okay, corn chips are GF, however tomatos and chile pepper fall under that allergen clause)

And anything else I can think of get a hankering for.

And after this month or so, I'm okay with the idea of being gluten free. I've worked through the anger and pity and that part of grieving. I mean who in the hell likes to be different? I'm sure newly diagnosed diabetic's go through the same thing. I know I'll have my rough spots, but I also know there are lots of things I can eat. (although you can be damn sure that tomatos and chile peppers will be among the first few allergens I re-introduce. There's a lot of things I like to eat that contain those. Like salsa, and minestrone soup. And indian food.) I think this 90 day allergen fast will be more difficult, but we shall see what happens.
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