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Day 2 gluten free and allergen fast

I'm actually not missing eating things, I'm missing the convience of just being able to grab something. I see I am going to have to be more organized and make sure I've got food in the fridge that I can eat. At the spur of the moment I decided to take the kids to the park, but I had no lunch prepped. Before I would have driven thru the local fast food. Not this time! I had to run home and (thankfully) grab the acceptable leftovers in the fridge (Rice pilaf, 3 oz of tuna steak with garlic and braggs, maple glazed carrots)

And actually, the no tomatoes and no chile peppers is really driving me nuts.  I never realized how many things I like to flavor food with contain either/or/both.

I actually found a gluten free mustard at Whole Foods yesterday, that made me happy and I'm not sure why.

I'm thinking about buying a bread machine for my birthday (I can't have yeast right now either) 'cause by that point (or close enough to it) my allergen fast will be over.
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