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Okay, that's better.

Update from the nutritionist.  

Okay, I finally got a chance to chat with my nutritionist. The nice thing is, I got clarification on what a few things mean. The blood test I took for food allergies a few months ago said I was allergic to cows milk and cheese (or specifically casein, the protein component of both), so I asked her...what about the rest of dairy products? (i.e. butter, sour cream, yogurt) She said to look for water buffalo yogurt at Whole Foods (which I could not find) and that I could have that, but she wasn't sure about the butter and sour cream, she'd look into it. But she also said that I could have the soft spreadable cheeses (i.e. feta, cream, farmers, cottage, mozzarella, goat, etc) but she wasn't sure about Brie (and its sisters) she is looking into that too.

We also talked about the allergen fast. Basically, milk and hard cheese are a once in a blue moon treat. And I don't have to do a 90 day fast. The shortest is 6 weeks for most of my allergens, and 8 weeks for a couple of things. I'm already in two weeks.

I've lost 18 pounds since the new year. But I'm still 3 pounds above what I was the last time she talked to me. But this time I feel much better about it and feel this is something I can sustain for life.

Other things I've realized:

I can eat carob. Good stuff. Fulfills that chocolate craving.
Cornflake crumbs can be used instead of breadcrumbs.
Corn Tortilla crumbs can be used that way too.
I tested negative for bell peppers, so I can add green, red, yellow, and orange peppers into my diet.
There is such a thing as Oat Milk. Supposed to be great with cereals.
Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. And supposedly has a neutral flavor.
My hip isn't hurting so much, so I'm slowly increasing the intensity of my workout
Having periods suck.
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