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Afternoon of Adventure

Its been a trying day.

Or at least afternoon.

I dropped Ike off at KidsPark at noon so that I could, hopefully, get the girls to take a bloody nap at the same time so that I could get some housework done. I fed the girls lunch, and let them play outside for a bit. I went back in to help Gwen get something to drink. I hear Elli start to cry, but it doesn't sound deathly, so I yelled out to her and asked if she needs some love. She comes whining into the house and she is covered in blood. Ack! I clean her up and figure out she has, yet again (!), bitten her lip badly. Although this time, she didn't bite through. Thank goodness. I didn't relish yet another trip to the ER to get someone's face stitched up.  I think she fell off the ladder to the top of the play structure. She does that, alot. After this, she's ready for a nap. I get her down and try to get Gwen to go down too.

No go. Sigh. Oh well. So I tried to entertain Gwen while trying to pick up the kitchen and the house a bit. After a bit, Elli wakes up in a good mood. (Yea!)

I loaded the girls in the van at about 3:15, I wanted to get Ike and encourage Gwen to sleep. (She has a tendency to pass out in the car). So I drove around a bit before getting the boy. Just as I'm heading to get him, my phone rings. Its KidsPark asking me to come pick Ike up because he isn't behaving. Grrr. I hate it when he gets kicked out of places. Makes me so embarrassed. Turns out he was throwing stuff and not letting them change his stupid pull up. (Long story involving Ike's house-breaking drama.)

So I pick him up, tell him I'm not happy, and take him home. Gwen, obligingly, fell asleep, and I get her successfully into bed without a bottle. (Yea!). When Ike came in he notices the brand new 1 gallon jug of bubble solution on the table that I stupidly left out. I told him to wait, and I would open it for him. I put Gwen to bed, did something else, look for the kids as its awfully quiet. Ike comes into the house. He's splattered with something from shoulders to knees. "What's that on your clothes?" "Bubbles!"

Oh no.

I go out to the patio and he has dumped the entire bottle onto the outside table (did I mention that this thing, although very battered, is almost 100 years old?), there's a lake and river of bubble solution forming on my patio and out the door. And Elli is standing in the middle of it, soaked.

I take a deep breath, turn to him and calmly say "Go to your room Ike, just go to your room." And he did. (Never let it be said that Ike's not a smart boy)

I grab Elli, strip her, leave her in a diaper, give her some graham crackers to entertain her and shut her in the living room. Go to my room and grab the dirty towel hamper.  In the middle of cleaning off the table, the phone rings and I go in to answer it.

I forgot to shut the door behind me.

I come back, and Elli is in the middle of Bubble Lake, slipping and sliding, while bawling her eyes out 'cause she just can't get her feet under her and falling down every half second. (Think small piglet in a puddle of oil.) She's almost completely covered from head to toe in bubble solution. She somehow managed to not get any on her face, but her hair is plastered to her head. I gingerly pick her up, hold her out in front of me and rush to the bathroom. She gets an impromptu shower, which she didn't like (man her hair is getting long, when wet, its between her shoulder blades), but at least she's no longer ready to be the star attraction of the local pig wrestling contest.

After awhile, I got the mess cleaned up.

Eventually, Ike was let out of his room.

Oy. What a day. Thank God for the hot tub.
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