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Well, I haven't done this in awhile

Its 5:30 in the freaking AM, and I am awake. Not voluntarily even. After about 90 minutes of sleep, I've been up since 2 (according to Joe) when Elli woke up, and then attempted to get out of her bed. She failed, fell to the floor and the ensuing crying woke up Gwen. Joe gave me Elli, who, luckily, did go back to sleep after a bit. Gwen on the other hand, just cried. At about 3, I got up and took over for Joe so he could get a bit of sleep. (as he had just fallen asleep when the cryingfest started, damn video games.)

So now I am seriously contemplating the wisdom of going back to bed. Someone, Elli probably, will wake up in the next hour or so and want to start the day. So the question is, which will make me more tired and cranky, staying up? Or going back to bed to try and catch another 60-90 minutes. Decisions, decisions. Bleh.

And the fact that we are supposed to drive to Concord to visit the relatives tommorrow morning has nothing to do with the girls timing. No, can't be. Not at all.
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